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The Science of Calm and Focus: Learn resilience and meditation to: Eat Move Sleep Relate Work Better

" I liked the combination of material giving us advice on techniques and the scientific basis for their effects"  Columbia Law Student

"It really helped me with my test."  High School Senior

" I really thought it was helpful, especially the stress techniques.  I also loved how everything connects to science."   Computer engineer

Do you think the materials covered will help you manage stress better? 100% replied YES
 Student participants said YES to:

  • I learned ways to better manage stress
  • It made me feel more empowered
  • I understand my thoughts, emotions, and behavior better than before the workshop
  • I feel more inspired
  • I learned tools to help me have more pleasant interactions with people
  • The tools helped me enjoy day to day life more
  • I'm interested in learning more
  • I would recommend this class to friends and family

Medical, Law, and Business Students:

What I liked most about Dr. Bobby's workshop: 
“Great skills to help regulate my emotions and get control of myself."
“Tangible take-home practices and ideas are incredibly useful! Thank you!""I liked learning about the different sciences and theories behind mindfulness and resilience. I really did love it all. This is one of my most cherished experiences so far. So glad I participated. I can't wait for next semester!"
" I appreciated being in the moment and realizing my reactions to stressors."
" I enjoyed the anatomical explanations of emotional response"  
" I liked the combination of material giving us advice on techniques and the scientific basis for their effects"
" It showed me that stress is a problem that everyone faces."
I liked most:  the "listening exercises and the compassion tools."
I liked most:  "learning science and studies behind the methods."
I liked most:  the "mix of science, easy accessible buzzwords/ concepts."
"The centering techniques and great power point slidesIt gave an effective overview of multiple methods."
"Everything! I loved the yoga in the beginning, the healthy food, and the free salad cards (GREAT giveaway!)
"Three-step analysis made the main point of the workshop easy to rememberI liked that personal purpose was usd as a motivator to build focus and manage stress."
"The analysis of the "default option of the mind" and the exercise of compassion were inspiring to meI really enjoyed the opportunity to practice what we learned during the session."
“I learned that other people feel like me."
“Learning how to become a better listener and the relaxation response."
"I liked how relatable all the material was, especially Dr Bobby's presentation. Everything was directly applicable to daily life."
"General stress relieving techniques and positive feelings- LOVED IT"
"I liked the structure of the presentations and the material was never boring."
"Learning skills that keep us calm during the storms of life."
"I liked having a moment of meditation - really helped to calm my anxiety from school."
"Great thoughtful discussions."
"We are all the same."
“Compassion meditation and the two min exercises."
“Learning new ways/methods to relax and de-stress."
“Learning helpful new skills, science behind them, and practicing them."
“Interactive and dynamic workshop on techniques for relaxation and positive thinking."
“I enjoyed practicing the meditation technique."
“The relaxation exercises are quick and easy to use in any situations."
“It focused on things we could do easily with no equipment."
“Good, concrete, clear tools / exercises."
“Mindfulness of thoughts."
“10 minute exercise at the end."
“Different methods of meditation."
“Any talk with built-in exercise and meditation is good in my book."
“Meditation practice was great and instructive!"
“Discussion of imposter syndrome and practice of relaxation response."
“I most liked the segment on negative thought patterns and CBT."
“Meditation exercises."
“Interactive and useful exercises that will be helpful during residency."
“I liked the exercises and meditation."
“Relax! Focus on your thoughts. Mind informs body!"
“Exercise and listening exercise."
“The meditation."
“Relaxation techniques."
“Great to practice the exercises."
“Learning how to use your calming word in stressful situations."
“It was very interactive!"
“The activities and interactions were effective."
“I liked learning about methods to cope with inner criticism."
“I like that there were brief and usable exercises in addition to a way to conceptualize it."
“Meditation practice."
“Relaxation techniques."
“I know that resilience is something I’m always trying to work on so this was a needed workshop."

High School:

"It helped me to understand my thoughts and emotions more, and it helped to clear my mind when I was overwhelmed by stress." 

"I really thought it was helpful, especially the stress techniques.  I also loved how everything connects to science."  

"I really liked this class.  I learned a lot about managing stress that I feel will help me in day to day situations."  

"I learned a lot about my brain and why certain emotions occur."

"Very motivational and inspirational."

"I learned a lot of interesting things that I didn't know before."

“Good morning I wanted to tell you that he is practicing; in fact he was demonstrating the technique at a family get together.”   Mother of HS student

"He had a great experience yesterday I am so happy that we were able to get him in. He is not very verbal but he did say that it was all very interesting and that he was really impressed with how well it worked even the first time around. He does look forward to putting it to use and coming back next week. He usually doesn't show excitement about anything but he had a lot great things to say about you and the program. His friend also said great things to him about the workshop.   Thank you for including him.  I only hope that some more of his friends join.  We will keep talking about the program."  Mother of HS student

Middle School Workshops:

"This class was funny but you learned a lot!"
"It helped me with tests." 
"It was fun; I had a good time; I learned a lot."
"This class was really thought provoking for me.  It made me understand my body and emotions a LOT BETTER."
"It really helped me understand myself better."
"He said he found the session very, very calming and he seemed to be intrigued by the whole thing.   He found the chime exercise very helpful (it helped build concentration, which is great.” JP (mother of middle school and high school student).

Classes:  Private & Group

"When I was in a terrible crisis mode, I remembered what I learned in my sessions with Dr Bobby.  I used these incredibly simple but powerful tools to center myself.  My 10 year old son uses her website audios and videos which are incredibly helpful when he feels anxious at bedtime."  LM,  Physician

"The value of the seminar is not only in the experience itself, but the lasting messages to which I return time and time again."  JW  Computer Engineer

"With humor, science, and wit Juna makes the ancient practice of mindfulness & meditation fun relevant and do-able in our modern age .  I use her recordings and exercises with a ton of clients! "  EC   Psychologist

"Thank you for inviting me to a very inspiring and informative evening. You were terrific and I learned new things. I hope I can make my kids understand the importance of what you are teaching and be able to inspire them to attend your series."  IH  Fox  News Media

"Great job!  My 13 year old son and I really enjoyed your presentation. A lot of it is in my daily practice and you are absolutely right about the results."  SG Photographer

"You were outstanding! I loved the "workshop" and look forward to your next one!"  CO  Mother of three

"That (workshop) was incredibly good!  I'm very impressed and excited! Wow."  RG  Mother, yoga instructor

"Beautiful job! I really enjoyed the workshop and gained valuable insight from your content. The mindful exercises we did were helpful."  JD Health Coach

"I attended your workshop last evening at the JCC. It was wonderful!!"  JB

"I think you did a great job... supporting the benefits of meditative practice with studies from well known, credible institutions including Harvard (the McGill of the U.S!) and the AMA.  Meditation, i think, can seem very new-agey to the uninitiated.  The scientific support presented makes it more approachable to the neophyte."  JW Computer Engineer

"I noticed a difference in my relationships by coping and seeing issues with new perspectives."  MH Student


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