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The Science of Calm and Focus: Learn resilience and meditation to: Eat Move Sleep Relate Work Better

exercise, whole food, sleep, meditation and compassion IS cutting edge medicine! tap into your own internal pharmacy and the most complex system in the universe - your brain...
— Juna Bobby M.D.


Individuals: Professional Development, Personal Development, Parents, Students

Groups: Organizations, Corporations, Schools, Pre-formed groups, Families

Private sessions or sessions for your own group: students, adults, organizations, schools, parents

Professional development curriculum for performers, teachers, healthcare workers, business leaders and professionals

The Science of Resilience for optimal performance:

Learn stress management and emotional intelligence skills leveraging ancient skills like meditation and compassion, as well as the what, when, where and how of food, sleep and exercise to optimize emotional and physical resilience. 

  • Indications: Any condition exacerbated by stress.
  • Difficulty sleeping, fatigue, anxiety, performance, exam anxiety, high blood pressure, lifestyle diseases including diabetes, heart disease, anxiety-related symptoms, headaches or migraines, gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune disorders, skin problems, mild to moderate depression, asthma or allergies, chronic pain or TMJ.

Cutting edge science of the mind and body fused with ancient wisdom practices provide powerful yet simple tools you can use anywhere, anytime to:  

  • increase happiness and productivity
  • apply tools to manage stress & reduce anxiety
  • improve performance at work, school, home 
  • prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases: it's never too early or too late! 

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