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The Science of Calm and Focus: Learn resilience and meditation to: Eat Move Sleep Relate Work Better

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Self Paced Online Courses

Learn at your own pace with text / email and phone / online support options with Dr. Bobby

Learn the skills to stay calm and focused, even under pressure... and maybe, you can even get a little happier.

These are the same tools I've taught at schools like NYU Medical, Columbia Law, Juilliard School, Barnard College, Hoff Barthelson Music School and more.

Imagine if you could pay attention to what you're doing when you're doing it?  How would that change your life? Your productivity? Your performance and relationships?

Common human experiences:

  • you freeze when you're put on the spot

  • you always do better when you're practicing than on stage

  • you do better on stage than when practicing, but you don't make consistent progress because your focus while practicing is erratic

  • you're taking a test and you don't recognize some of the material; your mind goes down the worry trap and you spend precious time thinking about that question you couldn't answer, even as you're working on the next question.

Learn the science behind meditation techniques, how to train your mind to quickly shift perspective, and how to use specific physical exercises to tame and manage your focus with science backed tools for mental training. No equipment, special place or time needed. 


  • I learned ways to better manage stress

  • It made me feel more empowered

  • I understand my thoughts, emotions, and behavior better than before the workshop

  • I feel more inspired

  • I learned tools to help me have more pleasant interactions with people

  • The tools helped me enjoy day to day life more

  • I would recommend this class to friends and family

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